Ways in which you can cut down on your electricity and gas bills


Electricity and gas are some utilities that your household cannot do without and there are several ways in which you can ensure that you are getting full value of your money when you pay for the utility bills.

Every person is trying to get ways through which they can cut down on their expenditure and still enjoy the convenience that the utilities bring. Some of the ways to cut down on the cost is to use the energy and gas efficiently.

You should also ensure that the tariff you are on is the right one for you in terms of cost and services provided. The tariff you choose should be based mostly on your level of consumption and the specific needs in your household.

Reduced consumption

Reducing how much gas and electricity you use in your household is a sure way of reducing the amount you pay in your monthly bill. Reducing on consumption does not mean using candles even when the power is available or eating cold food to avoid using the microwave, rather it is taking steps like turning off the lights on your way out of a room, boiling just enough water in a kettle, taking quick showers, making enough food at a go that can be used to serve more than one meal, defrosting meals by removing them well in advance of the intended meal etc.

Enhance the insulation in your house

A properly insulated house saves power in that there is no unnecessary loss of energy or no too much use of electricity to warm up the house. When your house is efficiently insulated, it is able to retain heat for a longer period meaning that you use very little gas or electricity to heat up your house. You can consider replacing doors and windows that help in retaining heat in the house, installing a properly insulated floor etc.

Make proper and efficient use of your electrical appliances, devices and gadgets

Your power and gas bills can shoot through the roof if they are not properly used. Another way of using too much gas or electricity is by having old appliances that have either spoilt or that are not energy efficient. With the advancement of technology, the appliances and devices being designed now are energy efficient right from the factory. You can consider replacing your appliances with efficient ones with the help of a professional, that is readily available in the market.

The initial cost of replacing your old appliances with new ones that are energy efficient may be costly, but your will save in the long run by paying lower utility bills. Commonly known as “white goods”, freezers, fridges, washing machines, ovens and dishwashers have improved in appearance and energy consumptions. They all have varying ranges of efficiency and are categorized from A to G, with A being the most efficient while G is the least efficient. With the different ranges come different prices and you can choose one that falls within your budget.


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