Money makes the world go round but when you are short on finances, your world can come to a jarring halt. At Watch My Wallet, we are well aware of how painful being broke or being in debt can be. This is why we provide this platform to educate you on how to not only better manage your finances but also increase your income.

The team at Watch My Wallet is made up of several experts from various fields including economics, finances, real estate, and much more. We have spent years studying the UK market and are very familiar with its nuances. This gives us the capability to provide actually useable information and tips that can help you enjoy a more secure financial life.

Because no nation currently exists in a vacuum, we don’t focus solely on the UK economy. We take into consideration happenings across financial sectors in Europe and other parts of the world and let you know how what’s happening on the other side of the world might affect your finances.

Watch My Wallet is updated regularly with news, tips, and guides that will help you become your own financial expert. Would you like to become better at managing your bills or are you interested in saving money while shopping and yet get the best goods? Watch My Wallet has got you covered.

Some of the guides and tips we will be publishing frequently will fall under the following categories;


Insurance can be a real lifesaver but that’s only if you invest in the right type of insurance at the right time. We can help you make the right insurance decisions today. Click here to find how.

Loans & Credit

Getting a loan can be a tricky affair especially if you have no idea what you are doing. To avoid taking on a loan that turns out to be more of a burden than a help, and to get loans with best interest rates, check here.

Cut Your Bills

Is your home’s water, electricity, or other bills staggering and you can’t figure out why? We know why! Not only do we know why, we can also guide you towards owning a more cost effective home without jeopardising your comfort. Want to know more? It’s all here.

Real Estate

The real estate market is a very interesting place and your property might be a valuable asset. If you want to discover how to exploit the real estate market to your advantage, click here.


We have all the latest new from the business and financial sectors in the UK and the world. To know what’s happening now and how it might affect your wallet, see it all here.


Do you have some money lying around and don’t know what to do with it? Firstly, don’t spend it all on something fickle. Secondly, check here to see the various amazing investment options that are open to you.

With our help at Watch My Wallet, you can have a healthier financial life and a happier wallet. Check on us daily to find something new and interesting concerning your wallet.

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