Various ways in which you can save on grocery shopping



  • Groceries consume much of the house budget especially for large families. You can try some few guidelines that will ensure you maintain most of the items on your grocery list but on a smaller budget.
  • Consider buying generic products as opposed to brand names. There are some products that have no difference in taste, nutritional value only the price.
  • Always stick to your shopping list and avoid impulse buying. Make the list according to your daily, weekly or monthly use and only replenish the things that have run out.
  • Include more fruits and vegetables in your shopping list as they are less costly that the processed foods.
  • Shop more at the farmers market. They have wide variety of products and are discounted in price.
  • If you are a regular user of certain products, you can contact the manufacturer and request for coupons that they may be giving out. This will save you a great deal of cash.
  • Shop at stores that match the prices of their competitors. This will help you save a considerable amount of money especially for a large family.
  • Whenever there is a sale, ensure you stock up on non-perishables from this sale and any other products that can be frozen including meat and bread.
  • Avoid buying with credit card and start making a habit of buying with cash. This is to reduce on your credit card expense as well as a control measure against impulse buying.
  • Consider using supermarkets for your fast fashion needs, their budget ranges are more fashionable than you would think.

You can use a combination of all the above money saving techniques to increase how much you save on your grocery. Once you have made a shopping list, stick to it and endeavor to buy your stuff from a produce or farmers market where the goods are fresh. You can also shop using your coupons and buy more items when there is a sale. Also, do not focus so much on brand name, rather, shop on the generic produce. Shop at produce stores that allow for price matching.

How do you stand to benefit

Some people are more keen on saving on while shopping than others. Some of the mentioned tips may sound tough, but most of them are very practical and achievable.

There are other ways of saving that hard earned money on your next shopping trip.

Some stores will provide a breakdown of prices for the items. For instance, a toilet paper pack that has 12 pieces has an overall price indicated, as well as a breakdown of each piece of toilet paper in the pack. This breakdown helps in that you are able to know which product gives you the best deal for your money.

Homemade meals

Eating out is always so much expensive than putting together a meal at home. The health benefits are another motivation to eat home cooked meals.

While at it, make the meal in excess so that the left over can be frozen and used for another meal on another day.
Find out from the city or town council how safe the water coming from your tap is. If it is properly treated, then you do not need to buy the bottled water and this is a big save for you.

Never shop on an empty stomach as chances are you will buy more from your current hunger than your weekly requirements.

It is advisable to leave your children at home while going for grocery shopping to minimize the chances of impulse buying.


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