Traveling on a budget? Consider car rental Eindhoven airport


When traveling to The Netherlands, you know that you will have an expensive trip ahead. The country is one of the most expensive in Europe, with high costs for hotels and taxis. Besides that, the cost of going out for dinner is also relatively high compared to other European countries. When you want to travel on a budget, car rental Eindhoven airport  can be a suitable choice. This way of traveling reduces your cost significantly while retaining your freedom to go wherever you want.

What makes car rental Eindhoven airport stand out

Renting a car is equal to freedom. When you want to go to a special site, you can simply open your navigation and drive off. This is very different from public transport. The Netherlands is home to a strong public transport infrastructure between cities but nature reserves and villages are harder to reach. You often need to transfer multiple times, increasing your transit time significantly. Besides that, the costs of traveling by public transport are relatively high. This makes car rental Eindhoven airport even more interesting.

Why Eindhoven airport

The country is home to multiple airports, whereof Eindhoven is the largest regional airport of the southern part. Mostly served by low-cost carriers, the airport is of interest to budget travellers. From within Europe, you can take a cheap Ryan Air or Wizz Air flight and come to Eindhoven. The airport is also very convenient, as you are outside within a matter of minutes.

Renting a car at the airport

Due to the relative low fixed costs of rental companies in this area, the daily rates of cars is low. This makes it appealing for budget travellers. Before arriving in Eindhoven, you can easily browse the Internet and look for an attractive offer of one of the rental companies.

There’s even a valet car rental

Renting a car is one thing, but what if we tell you there is also a valet car rental. This means that you provide the car rental company with your flight details. Once you arrive, the rental company will make sure the car is waiting outside. You can quickly check the car with the representative and drive off to your destination. This service comes at only a limited additional fee. This makes it appealing for a lot of travellers who are looking for car rental Netherlands.

Amsterdam airport rental

You can also decide to travel from Amsterdam airport, but this is often more expensive. Not only the flights come in at a higher price, the rental companies also have a higher daily rate here. It thus makes sense to choose for Eindhoven if you want to visit The Netherlands on a budget. Furthermore, all sights and cities are not too far from Eindhoven. Want to visit Belgium as well? That makes sense! Belgium is close to Eindhoven, making it even more interesting for travellers from Europe. 


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