Energy debts for the Grenfell victims will be written off as announced by the government


Water, telecommunication and energy companies have all come into agreement to have a support program for the people affected by the tragedy. The program includes writing off all their debts.

The government has announced today about the joint agreement by utility companies to write off any unsettled bill for those who were affected by the Grenfell Tower fire tragedy.

Several hundreds of people were left homeless following a fire that brought down their West London housing block.
In an effort to offer reassurance and support, the government has announced that the power companies that were providing power to Grenfell Tower will write off all pending bills, preserve all prepayments and any credit balance. The residents will also not be charged for the power they consumed for the duration after the fire tragedy.

The utility firms have also decided that the former occupants who have been relocated will not be charged using the costly tariff and all direct debit payments for the residents of Grenfell Tower shall be suspended.

Confirmed reports indicate that Thames water has frozen all accounts held by Grenfell Tower residents and at the same time, the unsettled water bills by the residents have also been written off.

Thames water also stated that it shall not charge the residents of the neighbouring buildings who had to be evacuated during the fire as this will be charging them for a service that was not rendered to them.

Telecommunications firms have also stepped in to offer their support to those affected by the tragedy. The victims have been getting handsets, chargers and SIM cards that are preloaded and are working to ensure that the broadband customers get a quick reconnection as soon as they are resettled.

Greg Clark, the Business and Energy Secretary said that it is prudent for businesses to play a very active role in the community and he expressed his gratitude to the utility firms who provide energy to Grenfell Tower for agreeing to work towards a common goal of offering support to the residents who had already lost so much during the fire tragedy.

On top of the utility bills waiver announcement, there was a £5 million support fund that was announced by the Prime Minister that was set up to help the victims with emergency provisions such as clothes, food and other accompanying costs.

A report yesterday stated that the victims of the Grenfell Tower who were left without shelter and roof over their heads were set to be relocated to 68 flats in Kensington.

There were some residents who became homeless and will be resettled on a permanent base in Kensington High Street where there is a £2 million housing development. This is after they were bought off in a £10 million deal.

The fire tragedy that gutted down Grenfell Tower left hundreds of people homeless, with 79 people still reported to be missing or even worse, they are feared dead.


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