Top tips to sell your house in 2021


Selling your property can often be just as daunting as buying a new one. Yet with property in such high demand over the last 12 months, many people are looking to do just that in 2021. But with so many additional layers of complexity to handle when selling a house right now, what should you be considering when selling yours?

We are sure that many of you will want to get your property on the market before the Stamp Duty Holiday expires but selling a house can be a long process and it is important to remember that from the off.

Below are our top tips for getting your house on the market, making it sellable and sorting out the complicated legal bits to ensure a smooth sale.

Clean up and declutter

The first thing you need to do is make your house presentable for potential buyers. Make sure you have tidied or stored all your day-to-day clutter and given your house a deep clean. This helps buyers imagine their lives fitting in to the space instead of yours.

Fix any wear and tear

It is also worth doing any maintenance work before you put the property on the market. This could be fixing roof tiles, getting the garden tidied up professionally or fixing broken fence panels.

As these are usually expensive jobs, it is worth examining different finance options to get them sorted because they could add a chunk of value to your property.

Get your property valued

Do not put your house on the market for the first valuation you get or what your neighbour sold theirs for last year, as you could be short-changing yourself.
>Get a valuation from at least three estate agents to work out the average value of your property. You could still put it on for top price but at least you’ll understand its value.

Advertise your property properly

It could also benefit you to advertise your property listing on your social media and get your friends and family to share it.

Hire solicitors and conveyancers

As anyone who has bought a house will know you need to employ the services of solicitors and conveyancers. You will also have to fork out for these when you sell.

Make sure you budget for these additional costs, as you often have to pay for the services of a solicitor before you make any profit on your home. Examining your budget and finances ahead of time will make the whole process easier.


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