Best time of year to move home


Relocating and moving to a new house can be a stressful and expensive experience. There are various processes involved in moving home, from property chains to contracts. However, there are a few factors that can make it easier to move home, like the time of year and the day you do it.

Here are a few things to bear in mind if you are moving to a new house this year.

Increasing the value of your property

A little sprucing up can do wonders for your existing property and the value price. Moving to a new home is far easier when the sale of your current home is going smoothly. Try repainting and decorating the kitchen to make it look unworn and fresh. Replace the front door or give it a power wash to make it look brand new – after all, first impressions do count.

Storage is an essential aspect of any home. Invest in sliding wardrobes and showcase your efficient storage system to potential buyers. Hidden storage can help your home to feel more spacious and clutter-free.

Consider installing smart technology into your home to attract new buyers. The environment is becoming an essential part of the housing industry and advertising your energy-efficient system could sell the property.

What is the best season to move home?

Summer is the best season to move to a new property because of the increased daylight hours, giving you more time to decorate and move. Families can also use the UK summer holidays to help their children pack, move, and settle in. August is the favourite month to move in the UK, aligning with school holidays, good weather and long days. Just make sure to pack lots of water and a fan in case things get too hot and sweaty.

The worst season for moving is, of course, winter. Short, dark days followed by dreary weather can make moving to a new house all the more unpleasant. No one wants to unpack their belongings in a snowstorm. Christmas and New Year celebrations also make it challenging to find a moving service to help you shift your belongings to the new property. If you need to move in the winter, try to avoid the holiday season or book everything far in advance.

Friday is the favourite day to move on in the UK. In a recent survey, Compare My Move found that 34% of buyers arranged to move on a Friday, and only 17% opted for a Saturday. Tuesday is reportedly the most expensive day to move with an average cost of £1,110, a whopping 44% more costly than a Saturday move. The time you move does affect the price and ease of moving over to the new house.





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