US Federal Reserve increases duties once again due to promising growth in the economy


The interest rate by the US Federal Reserve has been increased to between 1 – 1.25 per cent which makes it the second increment during this year.

Following a vote of confidence in the economy of the United States, the US Federal Reserve decided to increase the fundamental rate by 0.25% to yet another mark falling between 1-1.25 per cent. This increment is a representation of the third time within a period of six months and takes the fundamental rate to heights that have not been experienced since 2008. This raise is a reflection of the renewed assurance in the general economy and the ability of the US economy to absorb more citizens in the job market, however, several analysts are still worried about the inflation level which they feel is not to the right level to warrant such a move.

The third increment within a span of six months is the highest ever experienced from the when the global economy went through a financial crisis.

When the announcement of the raise was made, the Chair of the US Federal Reserve, Janet Yellen stated that this decision was made based on how the economy has been progressing and its projected growth.

This increment was anticipated by a large majority owing to the increased number of jobs created in the United States, but the country’s inflation numbers are not very strong and this raises some series of concerns regarding the stability of the US economy.

According to Yellen, who concurred with these sentiments, the evaluation was largely guided by the reduction of prices in several sectors, which included prescription drugs and plans in the mobile phone category. Yellen put a strong emphasis on the fact that this numbers are expected to balance out in the forthcoming months. She continued to state that the committee in charge of this decision has expectations of the inflation to grow and become stable at two percent within the next few years.

Just like it happened during the US Federal Reserve increment in the month of March, the decision was passed with just one disapproving vote, which was cast by Neel Kashkari, the US Federal Reserve president in Minneapolis, who felt that the rate should remain as before. There is another raise set for later in the year, but the US Federal Reserve has said that before any rise is made in the future, they will keenly observe the economy before proceeding to make the decision.

According to a report in the Wall Street Journal, the US Federal Reserve also made an announcement that is will embark of a step by step course of decreasing the £ 4.5 trillion collection of Treasury and securities backed by Mortgage, withdrawing a policy for purchasing that begun when there was global financial crisis. The US Federal Reserve did not give a specific date, but they stated that the initial plans would kick off sometime later in the year.


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