Getting to know Engineered Oak Flooring


Oakwood is often used as a popular building material, due to its sturdiness and aesthetic appearance. However, this natural oak wood can be further strengthened by binding with a plywood board, which is effectively used for making highly durable floors. This practice is termed as engineered oak flooring and it is preferred over solid hardwood floors. It contains two layers of wood; one is the solid oak wood and the other is the synthetic plywood. These two wooden boards are firmly glued together to use as a stable flooring material. 

Benefits of using engineered oak flooring over solid hardwood

Better durability – As the engineered oak flooring is made of double layers of wood, this flooring material is more durable than any other material commonly used for this purpose. It is found that this floor can last for a lifetime, in spite of bearing the weight of heavy traffic regularly.

Natural look – Due to the placement of an upper layer of natural oak wood, this engineered flooring material looks exactly like the solid oak wood. Hence, people can have the natural beauty of wooden floors with this cheaper option. 

Many varieties – Oakwood is available in many colours and textures. The colours range from very light to quite dark shades, providing a huge array of choices to buyers. Different types of textures render a modern or rustic or vintage look to the interior spaces, as per the choices of building owners.

Fits everywhere – Solid oak wood is found in the form of large boards that cannot be fitted into smaller rooms. However, the engineered oak flooring can be customized to fit into a room of any dimension. Moreover, it is not adversely affected by heat and humidity, for which it is an ideal choice for kitchens or bathrooms as well.

Compatible to floor heating – The natural solid oak or other hardwood cannot be placed on floors that contain under-floor heating arrangements. However, this engineered flooring material is designed to be perfectly suitable for such a heating system in colder regions.  

Simple maintenance – As different layers of this engineered flooring is placed in different directions, it resists warping or bending of the wood even on changes in weather conditions. Thus, this flooring requires very little maintenance, except for regular sweeping or mopping. People can refresh its look after a few years, just by sanding the surface lightly and may apply a refinish for restoring the original grace. 

Affordable price – The engineered flooring is available for much lower prices than other materials, like solid hardwood or marble or ceramic tiles. Thus, it is more affordable for common building owners. 

Therefore, the option of engineered oak flooring has gained high popularity all over the world and used in many urban and rural buildings. 



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