Cyber Week 2018 – Top Money Saving Tips and Tricks


On the 26th of November 2018, Cyber Week will come to town and it promises to make for an awesome shopping experience for all who are prepared. Are you prepared?

If you’ve been waiting all year for Cyber Monday to arrive, the day is almost here and you probably aren’t as ready you should be. But we are here to help with that. To help you grab the best bargains and save even more money during Cyber Week 2018, we have put together these money saving tips and tricks to help make your budget go further.

Do your research

Never underestimate the power of research, after all, knowledge is power. So arm yourself with all the information you need concerning who is offering the best deals on what items and at what times. You can start off by checking out some Cyber Week offers ahead of time. You can also follow your targeted brands and stores on social media or sign up for newsletters so that you can get early information on best deals before they even go live. Clothing brand Scar Tissue like many Streetwear retailers started their Black Friday sale early in 2017, so by Cyber Weekend all in-demand items were gone. Retailer Thomas Gun predicts we could see the first ever Black November in 2018 as the high street try to combat the turbulent economy and high demand for bargain prices and point to Retail Giant Amazon as the fore-runner in not just bringing the event to UK shores, but in leading the pack in events.

Shop early

The early bird does catch the fattest worms during Cyber Week. If you choose to wait on hot selling items, you are likely to end up with “SOLD OUT” over and over again. Also, several stores will be offering early-bird sales to first shoppers which means more savings for you.

Use comparison apps

With comparison apps, you can find out what stores are offering the best prices on specific products. You will also be able to track what stores are actually offering discounts and which are simply claiming discounted prices.

Have a budget and game plan

During Cyber Week, it can be easy to get side-tracked by “low prices” and end up blowing all your savings on stuff you don’t actually need. Save yourself and your money by creating a budget and game plan and sticking with it in order to avoid the temptation of impulse buying.

Form a shopping team

This is where divide and to conquer comes to play. It can be tiring having to scour various online stores or physical stores yourself. So instead of being a lone ranger, set up your own team of bargain hunters to scope out deals in different stores and snatch up the best deals. You can even split your team into online and offline shoppers.

Always free shipping

Lots of online stores are going to offer free shipping during Cyber Week so there’s absolutely no reason why you should have to pay for shipping on any purchase. By avoiding the cost of shipping, you get to save a significant sum, especially if making purchases from more than one store. If a store exclusively offers an item you want but doesn’t offer free shipping, check to see if they have the option of you picking up your package in-store.

Use the coupons

Discounts may be on but you can save more by using coupons to double or even triple your savings. It’s always worth checking out companies social media for codes that may still be active. Even luxury brands like U and I originals and Offensive Fashion who are famed for never going on sale at any point might surprise people with a Social Media promotion. Most clothing brands pull their instagram feed to their homepage, so it’s well worth spending a few minutes checking out recent posts.

By taking advantage of the above tips, you will be able to buy more but spend less money during Cyber Week 2018. Head over to Fast Fashion News for more tips on saving on clothing.


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