10 useless wastes of money which you did not know


When you spend money on things that are not important, it affects your long-term goals. Some of the things we buy every day or pay for are downright unnecessary.

There’s nothing wrong in spending money on luxurious things that make you happy but frittering your hard-earned money away on things that have cheaper alternatives or that you can completely do without is not the way to go.

Satellite TV

You can actually cut the cord off your satellite TV and still enjoy access to most of your favourite shows at a lower cost. Connecting your TV online to streaming services like Amazon Prime, Netflix and Hulu are way cheaper. You could also download some movie episodes online or borrow DVDs from your local library.

Bottled Water

Besides the whole bottled water digs in your wallet, it remains a heavy burden to the environment. Why not save the money you spend on bottled water and save the environment while at it by opting for tap water? You can buy your own water filter and fill up BPA free water bottles with filtered water.

Candy crush in-app purchases

No one can deny how addictive this game is. You want to win and move on to the next level, so you make those little purchases. These tiny expenses will all add up and become a financial burden to you.


It’s the truth that you lose more than you win when you gamble. Players who have the foxy bingo bonus code, however, are enjoying attractive offers at a very low price.

Designer wear

You can still get quality and chic clothing from thrift, fast fashion or consignment stores. What matters is looking good, not the amount of money spent on clothing.

Basic car maintenance

You can learn how to do some simple car repairs yourself, not every single car break down requires the attention of a mechanic. There are many helpful car maintenance resources on the internet that when applied, will save you tons of cash.


Contrary to some business claims, purchasing precious jewellery such as diamond is not a wise investment. You will have a hard time finding a jewellery store that will buy back your precious stones at the price you bought it. Try returning a wedding ring to find out!

Paper towels

Our environment will be happier if we can ditch this product. Producing them costs us a multitude of trees and many gallons of water. Besides, it’s more economical to buy reusable dish towels.


Ladies, get in here, your wallet and health are begging to be saved. On average, you spend more than $500 on cosmetics every year and accumulate chemicals hazardous to your health. Moderation never kills anyone.

Disposable razors

Instead of buying disposable razors that become blunt easily, go for non-disposable razors that require only a regular change of blades. These blades are cheap and can be purchased online in bulk.

You will feel less guilty of spending more than you earn when you keep a good track of your spending habits.


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