Reviewing The Reviewers: What You Should Know About


Many online traders find themselves overwhelmed by the sea of information that the internet offers for online trading.

There are just too many online brokers in the market, and everyone has their particular and specific features, their pros and cons. Because of that, we often find ourselves wondering where and why we should move our capital and investments, to a specific platform instead of another.

In times like that, a website like, and its results, are very helpful.

History is a website born in 2014 supported by an enormous review aggregator system created by three young and promising Italian trading experts. They wanted to give the people a new tool to navigate this chaotic environment in the easiest, and yet professional, way.

But how does this system work, and why should it be different from all the other similar websites and competitors?

The structure

The website structure looks pretty simple, with an intuitive division of its main section.

There are 5 main sections in the new investingoal website which could seem quite basic at first glance, but contain many interesting features and hidden gems.

Those 5 main sections are:

  • Broker Search
  • Broker Comparison
  • Reviews
  • Best Brokers
  • Guides

What is New

What strikes one the most from is the in-depth analysis that is provided to traders in every section.

The Broker Search for example seems like a pretty basic feature that every review aggregator should have. Once you open it though, it gives you two options:

  • Advanced Search
  • Help Me Choose a Broker

If the first option can be classified as a typical feature, the second one is where this site shines.

Once we click on “help me choose a broker”, a query will start. This query will discover, question after question, what is our focus, budget and entry level of trading.

At the end of this process, the best brokers will be chosen and presented to us in a ranked list with a score divided into:

  • Overall score
  • Security score
  • Cost score
  • Trade score
  • Education score

This option could be your best option if you are a newbie and this is your first approach to online trading.

All the results have also an additional option called: “+ Add to compare”; that will lead us to the next interesting feature of our review.

Compare for Success

The next category that we want to analyse is the Broker Comparison section.

Thanks to their vast database, this option will give us the possibility to compare two chosen online brokers while analysing their main features such as broker rating, platform analysis, particular account features and trading fees.

In case you don’t know which broker to compare with, the platform shows us the most popular comparisons automatically.

This instrument could be quite useful if you are an advanced trader that is unsatisfied with your current online broker, or if you are just curious to see what other brokers have to offer that yours doesn’t.

Other Sections

Everything else looks clear and straightforward in its intent.

The website gives us a clear view in the other sections where we can find straight away what we need.

The reviews and guides sections are quite detailed, both full of articles and interesting data about all we need to know regarding our favourite online broker and how to achieve our goals in the online trading field.

The Best Brokers section is a very clear section where all the best brokers are gathered together and then subdivided in many subsections characterized by their main strengths.

With the last section that we analysed, we also conclude this review, reminding all of you online traders that online trading can be tricky.

It doesn’t matter if you are the most informed trader on the planet, you should always remember that trading will always be a risk for your money.


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