Ways in which you can reduce your water bill


Your water and sewerage bills could be consuming most of your income. There are several steps you can take in order to reduce the amount you pay per month. Below are some tips you can follow to reduce the amount of water you use and subsequently reduce your water bill.

Install a water meter

Installing a water meter in your house is a good idea especially if you live alone or if your bedrooms are more that the people who live there. There is no cost for installing a water meter and most of the metre suppliers will give a test period of a maximum of two year and if you feel that the meter is not effective in reducing the water bill, then you can uninstall it.

Confirm the items on your bill

There are some services that should not be included in your water bill such as surface water drainage. In most cases, the soak-away section in the garden will drain back into the ground and therefore you will not need to pay for such a service.

Do you require sewerage services?

You really do not need to pay for sewerage services if you have a septic tank. You should check if the water company will backdate refunds for sewerage services that you had paid in the past.

Compare your bills

You can scrutinize your current bills and compare it to the previous bills. Be keen on any unexplained hiked amounts in your bill and aske the water company to explain the reason for the difference if you do not understand. Southern Damp Proofing adds “It could probably be caused by a water leakage in your system and you should be observant for any damp sections. If you do have damp, it is important you call a professional damp proofing company straight away.”

Assistance for clients who are entitled for benefits

If your water consumption is high either because of a large family of because of taking care of someone with some terminal illness that requires excess use of water, then you can get assistance with your water bill. Check if your local water company has the WaterSure Scheme and find out from them how you can benefit from it. This helps reduce the water bill for water consumers who have meters installed and have met the necessary requirements.

Find out if there are free offers

There are several water companies that offer water saving gadgets for use by their customers who have meters installed. You need to check with your water company by either visiting their offices or giving them a call.

Reduce your utility bills

Whether you have a water meter installed in your premises or you are using the unmetered water option, you can still use the water more wisely in order to save on the cost. You can also save on your power bills by making use of hot water in your house more efficiently. Taking short and quick showers will not only save the amount of water you use but also save on your power bills.


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